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Call me textually omnivorous (and voracious at that), say I made my appetite my profession, and barring the how of things that would certainly pinpoint me.


The how consists of a masters in narratology and translation from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, which enjoys all the advantages of a small linguistic area with an age-old, strong mercantile bent. Rather than focusing on any one language, it meant exploring the quirky, creative sides of several: Dutch, English, French and German.

…and now

These days I’m a literary translator, as happy to be grappling with the intricacies and sensitivities of a world class novel as I am negotiating chopped off limbs in rivers of blood in some tale of full-fledged murderous intent. If someone came along offering me an extension on life simply to do what I do now, I would jump at the deal.


Ine Willems is a member of the Auteursbond, the Dutch Authors’ Guild. She has translated well over 50 books in Dutch, both fiction and non-fiction. She does have a soft spot for fiction, though. Among the titles she has translated are Lawrence Hill’s Book of Negroes, and Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, Bring up the Bodies, A Place of Greater Safety and The Murder of Margaret Thatcher, as well as gorgeous children’s literature, hilarious chicklit, and horrific suspense novels.


She is the founding member of the Dutch Literary Translators’ Atelier, and is busy setting up a small, experimental publishing company, Narretief. Subtitling blunders cause her physical pain, and whenever the need arises, she coolly tells her children that, if they want to talk back, they had better do it with correct grammar or reconsider.


Titel: Leven als een beest Auteur: Charles Foster Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems

Being A Beast,

Charles Foster


Titel: From here to eternity Auteur: James Jones Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems

From here to eternity,

James Jones


Titel: The thin red line Auteur: James Jones Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems

The thin red line,

James Jones


Toch de vrouw  van Melvin Konner, vertaald door  Laura van Campenhout &  Ine Willems

Women After All,

Melvin Konner


Titel: De moord op Margaret Thatcher Auteur: Hilary Mantel Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, Hilary Mantel


Titel: Een veiliger oord Auteur: Hilary Mantel Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems

A Place of Greater Safety,

Hilary Mantel

Titel: Het boek Henry Auteur: Hilary Mantel Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems

Bring up the Bodies,

Hilary Mantel

De Burwood Baby’s  van Sarah May,  vertaald door Ine Willems

The Burwood Babies,

Sarah May

Tot het laatste vuur de diepzee bereikt van JM Ledgard,  vertaald door Ine Willems


JM Ledgard


Nasleep van Carel van der Merwe, vertaald door Riet de Jong-Goossens & Ine Willems


Carel van der Merwe


Titel: Het negerboek Auteur: Lawrence Hill Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems

The Book of Negroes /

Somebody Knows My Name,

Lawrence Hill


Titel: Wolf Hall Auteur: Hilary Mantel Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems

Wolf Hall,

Hilary Mantel

Hey Simona van Dimona,  vertaald uit het Duits en Engels door Ine Willems

Zwerge kommen hier keine/

The Falafel King Is Dead

(No Gnomes Shall Appear)

Sara Shilo


Vanessa  van Russell Banks,  vertaald door Ine Willems

The Reserve,

Russell Banks


Titel: Giraffe Auteur: J. M. Ledgard Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems


JM Ledgard


Titel: Opkomst en ondergang van de Koningin van Suburbia Auteur: Sarah May Nederlandse vertaling: Ine Willems

The Rise And Fall Of The Queen

Of Suburbia, A Black-Hearted Soap-Opera, Sarah May

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