Who we are


The Vertalerij was set up in 2001 by Ine Willems and has since grown to a large network of tried and true co-professionals, covering many languages and specialisations.


We’re language nerds. Sit us together at a table, and we can (and most likely will) blissfully argue the pros and cons of the semicolon, or something equally vital, for hours. Sit us at our desks, and we are your man or woman in all things textual: transparent, committed, focused, and punctual. We are aware that time is a costly thing, and that high quality output is the best means to save it.


‘There is good, fast, and cheap. Pick any two.’


A note on costs


The choice between the three competing priorities in any project – quality, speed, and price – can be rather diabolical, so we’ve decided to narrow it down: We either do things well and fast (which won’t be cheap), provided we can fit you in, or we do them well and at an easier pace (less of a headache, less expensive).


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De Vertalerij

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Who we are