* May – June

Literary translation classes (by Ine Willems) and classes reading literature (by Lidewijde Paris) at the Cambreurcollege in Dongen, Netherlands.


* 10 June

Atelier translating poetry with Elsbeth de Jager. English & German source texts.


 * 30 September, 7 en 21 October

Editing course Flanders (Full)


* 14 October Atelier

Literary translators are welcome to submit their (concept) translations;

introducing the Atelier’s very own publishing experiment: Narretief.



All year round

For bookclubs and (aspiring) authors


*Ateliers Story Analysis

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen: Is This Even Literature? How can you tell?

Heroes & Villains in Literature: Who are they, what are they?

How to make them, how to break them…

Themes & plots: how to tell them and what they tell you


For schools and students

Classes in literary translation & reading literature; working at language proficiency in Dutch, English, French and German.




* 10, 17 en 31 maart

Editing course Flanders



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